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[Organic Soul article - 05/06/2012]


Rethink Your Salts: Discovering Better Health with Life Ocean Salt

Salt tends to get a bad rap here in the United States. It doesn’t take long to find arguments against the bitter table companion, with many pointing out that it – hands down – leads to higher blood pressure,excessive fluid retention, and can even cause liver problems. The CDC is even wanes against the use of salt.

But is it all bad? And are all salts created equal? The short to both is no.

First off, we've got to get these preconceived notions that salt is "bad" out of our minds. Salt is essential for healthy living. It maintains mineral balance in the body, helps with hydration, and is employed in every hospital across the world to save lives. Next, we have to realize that the sodium left in the body after salt intake is what can lead health problems such as high blood pressure. This is where the type of salt comes into play. The lower the sodium volume, the better the salt.

Rather than break down every salt from here to the Himalayas, let's jump to the best. I've recently been introduced to Life Ocean Salt, or "nuti-masu," a company that has perfected a salt making process that is purer, better tasting, healthier, and, simply put, superior to all other salts. Based in Okinawa, the southernmost part of Japan, they use the cleanest, most see-through sea water on the planet in combination with an exclusive drying method to produce a salt unlike any other.

To be honest, at first, I was hesitant to assume there could even be a "best" salt. After tasting, researching, and speaking with the kind people at Life Ocean Salt, though, I can proudly say I've found a new staple for my home.


Life Ocean Salt: Grounded in Healthy Living

Let's start with a bit of background of the company. Rooting themselves in the philosophy that from seawater came life, and that there is a fundamental connectedness between all life and the character of the ocean, Life Ocean Salt does not shy away from suggesting you add a few grams of salt to your daily water bottle. To them, and indeed the Okinawan people, committing to this salt above others is a pathway to longer, more balanced life. Here's just a few statistics to consider:


• The occurrence of heart disease in Okinawa is one fifth of that in the US.
• Prostate and ovarian cancer are less than one quarter of what it is in the US.
• North American women face a 1 in 10 chance to develop breast cancer, whereas Okinawan women see a death rate of about
  6 out of 100,000 from breast cancer.

Considering this, I began to wonder what served as the foundation of these tremendous statistics. Of course, a whole host of lifestyle related tendencies contribute to a more robust, healthy populace, but - as the adage goes - we are products of our environment. Okinawa sits in one of the major Blue Zones of the world. This illustrious seawater, from which Life Ocean Salt is born, may hold a secret - what makes this Okinawan sea salt so special?

From the Depths: More Minerals for Better Health, Better Taste with Life Ocean Salt

Looking at the mineral profile of Life Ocean Salt, it's clear why this salt is superior to others. The first thing to note is the abundance of minerals. Unlike other salts, which may only contain a handful (usually 5) of minerals, Life Ocean Salt contains an incredible 21 types of minerals, earning it a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is directly due to the fact that Life Ocean Salt leverages the strength and mineral capacity of Okinawan seawater, which gushes from 2000 meters deep and is know as Black Tide.

To better understand just how Life Ocean Salt makes their salt, I sat down with Yusuke Tokashiki, Japanese native and the great great grandson to Mr. Tsu-kan Tokashiki, chief in-house medical doctor who worked with the royal families of King Sho. He explained how, through the internationally patented "Instant Mist Dry Method", Life Ocean Salt delicately separates the minerals from seawater, giving the effect of snowy, fluffy paradise (click the image to the left to see the process, and the image at the top of the article for a better look at the real thing). This process makes Life Ocean Salt unique, explained Tokashiki, and it all started as an invention by the President of the company. As he explained:

The President of Life Ocean Salt, or Life Ocean Salt, Mr. Takayasu, invented this production and really hopes to everyone on the planet healthier and better able to enjoy longer life by using and incorporating Life Ocean Salt into their diet. To him, crafting and making this tremendously healthy and delicious salt available for all is his mission for the rest of his life.

As I sat and continued to chat with Yusuke, I was pleased to hear more of this real passion behind this product. While it has been available in Japan for over 10 years, the company has never once sacrificed quality for mass production, and continues to follow that principle today. In fact, Tokashiki and his company C.T.M Project Management, LLC, where he serves as President, is the only one authorized distributor of Life Ocean Salt here in the US, helping to keep quality control and a hand on manufacturing demand. (C.T.M Project Management actually works with several healthy, mineral-rich based Okinawan foods, and will be introducing them steadily via Organic Soul and our friends at Conscious Box - keep an eye out!)

Without fail, Life Ocean Salt produces batch after batch, each as fortified as the last.

And fortified it is. This mineral balance, as demonstrated in studies done by the Kyoto University Graduate School, Saitama Medical School, and Kyushu University Graduate School, is one that prevents sodium accumulation in the body, protects blood vessels and enhances learning ability, and systemically tastes better. Simply put, this business has the best of both worlds: a strong human element, fueling it with passion and creativity, and an unbeatable, truly remarkable product that really works and benefits consumers of all walks of life.


Discover Life Ocean Salt

Though this anecdotal evidence of superiority was convincing, what really did it for me was tasting and using the salt in my own dishes. I have grown accustom to Himalayan Salt, but to be frank, this salt seemed to both blend better and was easier to control. If you're interested in trying this out for yourself, head over to the Life Ocean Salt shop. Also, for those of us in California, New York, and Hawaii, you can expect to find Life Ocean Salt stocking the shelves of Nijiya Market, a well-known and respected source for healthy eastern cuisine. So next time someone tells you salt is bad for you, remember first that it is actually necessary for better health, and indeed, better life. Then remember that instead of pointing them in the direction of table salt, tell them about Life Ocean Salt, the world's healthiest, most delicious salt.

**The Okinawa islands are in the Pacific and is the southernmost part of Japan, 2000 miles away from the Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster that occurred in early 2011. Though regionally it is closer than the US, there have been NO toxic elements or radiation detected by independent laboratory testing at the Life Ocean Salt facility, who, of course, take their healthy salt very seriously. Until reason for concern is presented by independent testing, Organic Soul supports the promotion and use of Life Ocean Salt!